Feb. 21, 2019


Field hockey, known in most countries just as hockey is increasing its strong quality every single day. More and more players are getting involved in this beautiful sport without having any kind of video solution, which would bring them the real-time value and help them to share the success from the game.

Therefore, one of the main idea of Sport.Video technology is to support amateur, semi-pro and youth sport all over the world with a simple, user-friendly and effective technology designed in mobile application and web platform.

One of these sports entities is very well known portuguese hockey club Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club, which was formed in 2008 through the merger of the original Hockey Section of Lisbon Casuals Sports Club in Carcavelos and Cascais Hockey Club - an unique combination in the Portuguese hockey landscape. With the current membership with more than 100 players, LCHC is one of the few hockey clubs covering with its categories all competitions under the flag of Portuguese Hockey Federation.

´´Our mission is to encourage young people to participate in this, in the moment underdeveloped sport in Portugal, by providing a friendly and energetic environment, which builds their talents and skills on and off the field.´´explained João Miguel Freitas, the coach of LHCH men and women team, club youth development director and the coach of Portugal U21 national men team.

´´We use Sport.Video technology to spread the sport as much as we can, especially in the area of Lisbon. As a coach of several teams I can also use these highlights to a do a fast first game analysis.´´ specified João and continues.

´´The application is the easiest way to publish content and instantly connect to our fans, partners and sponsor, having the game outcome in real-time and keeping the hockey community active. Sport.Video is an amazing tool that can be used by anyone, don't need to be an expert video analyzer or sport cameraman, you just need your phone and you are good to go!´´

Watch all the games and highlights on LHCH channel

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