July 13, 2020


Baseball is a sport that is getting a lot of recognition nowadays. The game was originally created in United States of America, is now expanding to different countries, and a lot of players and fans are getting more engaged every day.

One example of that is the Bulgarian Baseball League. With 28 games recorded and more than 20K unique views generated, the BBL has been using Sport.Video technology over the last 2 years and the benefits were clear for all the entities included.

"The Bulgarian Baseball League is the country's top level of baseball competition for men and as such it involves the best players from the best clubs in the country who battle in a 5 month calendar every year. The BBL serves to show the potential and leverage the growth in popularity of the sport of baseball in Bulgaria, especially among the younger generations." explained Alexander Gorrin, Marketing Coordinator of the BBL.

BBL 001.png

"As the baseball league wishes to gain more exposure to wider audiences for the development of the sport in the country, the benefits of a technology such as Sport.Video are huge. The ease with which we are able to film games and have all highlights available and stored in one place are just what amateur organizations such we are in need of." continued Alexander.

By providing a free streaming application and platform to any user, we are highlighting the importance and uniqueness of video content from different sports! The simplicity of broadcasting and uploading all videos online and in real-time makes the users have an ultimate option to step out from the shadow - regardless the sport they do!

As Alexander said, Sport.Video is a perfect solution to be able to broadcast professionally and produce original content when the resources can not be compared to a professional level budget.

 "All of the clubs and players involved in the Bulgarian Baseball League are extremely satisfied with the fact that there is video content available all-year-round at the league's channel in Sport.Video. Since there is little video content availability from the league, having a service such as Sport.Video at our disposal means we can produce content from every play in every game, and all we need is a phone!"

Thanks to the flexibility of Sport.Video streaming solution, we are able to support each sports entity around the globe, independently of the sport they do and the quality level they're involved in. The main idea is to provide a simple, stable and long-term broadcasting platform to the users, which helps them to grow and shine!

"We are giving our best to try and have highlights covering all possible games from the league and we would love to see an increasing trend regarding to game highlights available and most importantly, views. We would love to see the Bulgarian Baseball League channel grow to 100k views within the next couple of seasons. This will mean we are sticking to our goals of growing the sport's popularity and awareness of the league." concluded Alexander.

"We at Sport.Video strongly believe that any sports entity from amateur and semi-pro world has the same right to be watched and followed by their fans, players and communities. Therefore, it's important to build an inclusive and versatile platform, optimized to record different types of sports!" describes Martin Cano, Managing Director of Sport.Video.

The diversity of various sports makes the streaming platform more attractive for the viewers, as they never had a possibility to watch and follow their local content!

Check out the Bulgarian Baseball League channel! 


Watch the full game here!



Watch the full game here!                      

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