Nov. 2, 2018

VIDEO Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

Download Sport.Video App: 

iOS App: 

Android App: 


Demo account and registration process: 

1. Turn your mobile device into broadcasting venue within few minutes

2. Use demo account for the start and all your produced videos will be shown at 

3. Register your online TV within 5 minutes using our online registration form 

4. Android: use email verification and within the app log in with your created login details

    iOS: enter IMEI Identifier from the app to registration form to activate your licence 

5. After completing the registration process synchronize the app 


Use demo filming mode instantly or create your own, personalized online TV within 5 minutes. Create real-time highlights of your games by just using your smartphone. Amaze your fans, players and sponsors with dynamic and authentic content available in real-time.


In case of any questions or requirements please don´t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or simply contact us per Whatsapp at +421 910 576 196 . 

Yours truly, 


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