1. Subject; Operator

On sport.video users can become members of a community, create profiles, evaluate the contents of other users and exchange ideas with other users. The sport.video operator is sportvideos365 GmbH (hereafter: operator). Details about the operator can be found in Contacts. The user agrees to the following terms of use.


2. Access conditions; Registration

The user receives their login data after his/her details have been checked. The user does not have the right to be granted access authorization. With the use of the vicam system comes a contract between the operator and the user for the use of sport.video (user contract). Access is free to the user. Each user may only have one access authorization. The access authorization is not transferable to third parties without prior consent of the operator. The user is liable for damages incurred by the user or third parties arising from misuse of the login data. A liability of the user shall not apply if he/she is not responsible for the misuse of his/her login data and the damage resulting therefrom.


3. Operation of the sport.video platform

The operator is not obliged to permanently maintain the operation of sport.video. They reserve the right to change any or all of the content contained on the website at any time without notice to change, expand, remove, or to partially or entirely discontinue the operation of the website without prior notice. The operator points out that for technical reasons the accessibility of sport.video may be limited, in particular due to necessary maintenance and repair work or technical problems.


4. Rights of use of film footage

With the filmed material sportvideos365 GmbH holds all copyrights originating, arising and / or acquired by them for this purpose or to be acquired rights of use, intellectual property rights and other rights, especially the broadcasting rights, the right to supply on demand, the picture and sound recording rights, the audiotex and teletext rights, the database (broadcasting) rights, the processing, duplication and distribution rights, the right to advertising and evaluation of the clips, etc., for the non-exclusive, freely transferable, temporally, spatially and materially unrestricted use. sport.video reserves the following rights: the right, to provide the film footage to third parties, in particular the – registered and unregistered – users of the online sport.video platform against payment or for free, that the footage on individual and / or collective retrieval through TV, PC, mobile phone or other devices can be received or reproduced and saved (in particular TV on demand, video on demand, streaming, download, online services, Internet, especially the World Wide Web, intranets, subscription services, Internet TV). The right to edit the film footage, especially to shorten, share, and cut or to connect with other productions or production parts or other services – in particular for the purpose of advertising – to replace or remove the music contained in the film footage. The right to commercial and / or non-commercial use of the film footage unedited or edited by duplication and distribution (sales, rental, lending, etc.) on all kinds of image / sound / data carriers for the purpose of non-public and public playback as well as for interactive playback. This right includes all audiovisual systems such as video cassettes, video tapes, and analogue or digital storage media of all kinds, in particular DVDs, disks, chips, hard drives. The right to use the film footage in full or in excerpts, unedited or edited, including the original sound as many times within other image / sound / data carriers, especially for advertising purposes, on television, in the cinema, for use on the Internet for example and to evaluate in accordance with the rights granted in this contract’s usage rights.


5. Indemnification

If the content on sport.video configured by the user violates the rights of third parties or general laws and a third party wants to bring a claim against the operator, the user is obliged to indemnify the operator from any liability and reimburse the costs incurred by them due to the claim. The indemnification obligation in terms of the costs includes in particular the obligation, to indemnify the operator of any necessary legal defence costs (e.g. court and attorney fees).


6. Data protection

Insofar as the operator in connection with the registration collects, processes or uses personal data of the user (e.g. name, address, e-mail address) on sport.video, the following provisions apply: the responsible party for the collection, processing and use of personal data is the operator. The collection, processing and use of personal data is carried out solely for the purpose to allow the person concerned, designated use of sport.video and its contents. There is no further use of the data beyond that. The operator shall submit personal data to third parties only insofar as this is a legal obligation or the conveyance is required for the purpose of enforcing or defending the rights of the operator.


7. Termination

The user contract runs for an indefinite period. Operator and users can immediately terminate the contract at any time. The rights of use of these terms shall remain unaffected until the date of termination.


8. Final Provisions

This contract is governed exclusively by applicable Austrian law, excluding the CISG. If the user is a registered trader, the city of Amstetten is the agreed jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with the present contract. 
If any provisions of this contract be invalid or lose their effectiveness through a yet unknown circumstances, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.


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