April 6, 2020

5 amazing moments from Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five

To celebrate the partnership with Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five, we're sharing 5 amazing moments broadcasted in the National Finals and the World Final of 2019. 

1 - Neymar Jr. shows how it's done!

It's difficult to score in this competition! Luckily for the viewers, this goal was scored by one of the most talented players in the world, Neymar Jr!


Watch the full game: https://sport.video/red-bull-neymar-jrs-five-world-final/neymar-jr-and-friends-904021250


2 - Crucial plays come from skillful players

This amazing skill from the women Slovak team created the necessary play for the tie! A nice assist that revealed to be crucial!


Watch the full game: https://sport.video/red-bull-neymar-jrs-five-world-final/world-final-womens-teams/slovakia-spartak-myjava-vs-japan-ciencia-904024119


3 - Free kick goals are always amazing

A goal scored from a free kick is simply awesome! Sometimes, you don't need to kick the ball hard to score a banger, you just need to be subtle!


Watch the full game: https://sport.video/red-bull-neymar-jrs-five/red-bull-neymar-jrs-five-uae-final-2019/capitano-vs-burger-diet-904010807/


4 - You miss, you're out!

One simple mistake, and you can get easily eliminated! With a clear chance to advance his team, watch what happens!

Watch the full game:  https://sport.video/red-bull-neymar-jrs-five/bratislava-finale-761000006/lacov-tim-nike-bb-vs-sasovske-pumy-761000250/


5 - Why not a half court goal?

When you suffer a goal, there´s no better motivation than a quick answer. This USA player just answered back with this amazing half court goal!

Watch the full game:  https://sport.video/red-bull-neymar-jrs-five-world-final/world-final-mixed-teams/united-states-city-soccer-vs-italy-sombrero-crew-904024104


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