Sept. 23, 2020


Sport.Video is delighted to present its newest partner, the Futsal Federation of Slovakia! Considered the main futsal organization in Slovakia, their aim is to innovate futsal on national level. Embraced to their goals is also the mission to develop the futsal community from the top to all connected channels.

"Sport.Video technology allows to inform existing futsal fans and invites new people who would be important for this young community" said Jan Plostica, member of the Executive Committee of SF. "Our long time aim is to be recognized and Sport.Video would help us achieve our goals. Our fans expect to watch their favorite teams and matches in the right moment. Sport.Video will allow this ability with high quality and in real-time!"

"SF tests the technology on
its own online channel since 2017 and we think that right now it's the time!". The technology is on the high level and the output quality fulfills all the requirements needed! We are sure that the development of the technology will spread and we will be able to introduce new features and abilities that Sport.Video will provide!" explained Jan.

The competitions will be gradually integrated into the application and platform. The first stage will be the integration of the highest national competition, the 1. SLF League with the participation of 8 professional clubs and all related competitions. The goal is to broadcast around 800 games by the end of the year.

"The partnership will not only allow the federation to broadcast and cover unlimited number of games with almost zero costs, it will also open new revenue streams and marketing possibilities for this fast growing sports entity." explained Martin Cano, Managing Director of Sport.Video." We are thrilled to be a part of this amazing journey. Futsal is recognized as a very popular sport worldwide and our product is here to increase the quality, open new streams to everyone and support the local sport!"

Nowadays during the pandemic time, it's important to have a special contact with the fans and community. Futsal Slovakia decided to use Sport.Video in each competition to be able to share the content and passion from the game with everyone involved.

"The request of our children´s parents will be done and they will be capable of watching their kids in times where the physical attendance is not possible. We have great plans toghether with Sport.Video and we want to extend it in all levels of futsal in Slovakia! Sport.Video will be a great partner to add resources in our system and to achieve the goal, which is the development of our sport."

Make sure you don't miss any game and follow Futsal Slovakia channel.