Dec. 16, 2020


Indoor Hockey is a sport that has been growing fast over the last years. Characterized by being a fast, exciting and fun sport to watch, no wonder more players and fans are falling in love with this amazing sport!

The nature of the game is finally having the recognition that deserves, mostly thanks to Pro Series Indoor (PSi). Founded in 2006, PSi has created a revolution in South Africa, bringing togehter more than 20k players to practice this sport. The game captivated the hearts and souls of thousands of young aspiring hockey players and has grown their love for Indoor Hockey.

"We at PSi stand for Passion and Progression, Sense of Community and Integrity." stated Jamie Chisholm, Head Office Manager from PSi; "We are an energetic, dynamic and progressive team that strives to celebrate the spirit of Indoor".

When asked about the importance of promoting the sport to younger practicioners, Jamie mentioned that PSi has been an important part in the development of the South African National Teams due to the developing of young players as well as giving the National Teams a platform to play test series and internal squad games in front of the "largest crowd hockey has pulled in South Africa".

"Sport.Video will become an integral part of PSi in the years to come as we are excited to start building up a data-base of content which we understand is a crucial aspect to start a legacy and  build something bigger than just an annual tournament. It is a step in the right direction to build a story for our brand that evokes passion and pride amongst past, present and future players." continued Jamie. 

With that in perspective, the results from PSi have been nothing more than sucessful. The channels already have more than 20k views and they´re growing fast. A great combination that involves exciting sport that is growing very fast and an all-around platform like Sport.Video where it's possible to present your highlights online not only to your fans, but to a large audience of potential new ones from all around the world!

"Having a platform where players, parents, spectators and sponsors have the opportunity to watch the most exciting and action packed clips will be highly beneficial to our brand and we believe that the traffic this content will draw will creat brand exposure both for PSi and Sport.Video"

"We are also excited to provide our players and their parents with more content to enjoy, especially in these times on uncertainty and restriction, spectators have a platform where they can get more their hockey fix." he concluded.

PSi will broadcast their upcoming events with as the official broadcasting partner, integrated within the PSi web page, starting very soon on 17th of December. More than 1000 games will be played by 136 teams with more than 1200 players.

Make sure you don't miss any highlight and enjoy these amazing competitions!