Feb. 8, 2021


Football is by far the most popular sport in the World! It's impossible to go anywhere without finding someone that is a huge fan of the sport. Portugal is a great example of that passionate culture. A country with such tradition that provided to the world a great amount of superstars and even legends!

It's no surprise that many players from different parts of the world go to the country to know this environment, and scouts travel all the time to look for "The Next Cristiano Ronaldo". However there's also multiple friendly and amateur competitions where everyone can play and enjoy a little bit of competition.

One of the best examples of those competitions are organized by Nova Liga. Created in 2015, they have been responsible to manage not only football events and competitions, but also the management of sports complexes that provides the players the best conditions possible.

"The principal objective from Nova Liga is to organize the best 7 Side and 5 Side tournaments possible. We want to provide to all the parts involved a friendly environment, professional organization, and competitions that can go to international levels." explained Anton, organization member from Nova Liga.

To explain the importance of having different competitions included in order to recruit more teams and players, Anton explained the importance is related to the fact that players have different preferences - some of them enjoy different types of playstyles and play in different fields. It's always important to adapt to the player's necessities, in order to have the best organization and to bring the best competitive environment. 

In fact, Nova Liga's success isn't only on organizing events, but also in sharing them online. Over the last years, the channels achieved more than 50k unique views! Altogether, they're managing 13 competitions, 104 teams and more than 1000 athletes worldwide, who come together to play and have fun! Having multiple channels online, adding the creation of a well known digital presence, does help to get not only more reach and visibility, but also to recruit more teams, players, and sponsors.

"Nova Liga has been using Sport.Video for a few years." said Anton. "It's a very important tool that help us grow due to broadcast the matches and shared them online. Since the company was created, it has been really important to have an app that allows us to keep the players satisfied, since they can watch their own highlights online and share it by themselves!"

The future looks very positive for Nova Liga. They're about to launch more projects related to football and they'll introduce new concepts in the market, going from the construction and management of new sports complexes and even entering the international market of sports events.

You can follow all the growth and action in Nova Liga's channels!