Feb. 24, 2021


We all know about the importance of building a presence online. Clubs and Federations need to find creative ways of producing and sharing content online, in order to make their fans more engaged and interacted. Developing online content strategies also allows sports entitie's to reach a potential new audience, that can be converted on crucial factors such as new fans, sponsors and revenue streams. All the factors considered, no wonder that lots of clubs are investing on new strategies to spread their best moments online and exploring a world where the possibilites are tremendous and the chances of becoming viral are incredible!

Sport.Video thrives on this premise - the creation of an all around platform that allows the users to broadcast their matches for free, and share them online in multiple social media platforms. These simple statregies create a huge impact for all parts involved with low costs, and that's why they're very benefitial.

As a company, Sport.Video not only provides a digital platform but also shares the best highlights broadcasted by the users with its digital partners around the globe. A great example is the latest, very successful partnership  with SPORT.sk, one of the biggest sports media agency in Slovakia reaching thousands of visitors daily on their website, and with 15,6k followers on Instagram!

The cooperation started in December and so far generated 100k+ unique views, which are extraordinary results! But how is this partnership working?

Sport.Video has plenty of content provided by the users who are willing to share the content as amateur and semi-pro sports provide lots of amazing and unique moments that have the potential to become viral. SPORT.sk recognizes the potential and is willing to deliver the better user experience for their fans and viewers, to keep them engaged and open new possibilities of watching cool content. 

"Sports fans not only like to read articles, but they prefer to watch successful actions and interventions by goalkeepers, or beautiful goals on videos. And this is exactly the kind of content provided by the Sport.Video. Since SPORT.sk tries to bring sports as close to its readers as possible, we perceive the cooperation with Sport.Video as one of the key ones." says Marek Balicky, Chief Editor at SPORT.sk

With this promotion, SPORT.sk is able to create different types of content and share them both on social media, and their web platfrom. Together we are creating content like the production of single videos, where you can see and enjoy short moments such as amazing goal and funny situations. Sport.Video is also colaborating on the production of monthly compilations where viewers can checkout the best moments broadcasted on each month and vote on their favorite one!

"Thanks to the cooperation with SPORT.sk we are able to deliver local and unique sports content to a bigger audience. Sharing the emotions, amazing videos and especially promoting our users online is the mission of our technology and we are delighted to extend it via SPORT.sk" says Martin Cano, Managing Director at Sport.Video.

We want to take this partnership to next level, and together elevate even more the amateur and semi-pro sport!

You can watch more amazing content on Sport.Video!